A Joyous People-led Movement

A new report published by the charity and grassroots climate movement The JUMP found that citizens have direct influence over 27% of the emissions savings needed by 2030 to avoid ecological meltdown. This means that individuals have more agency over the climate crisis than they might think, which is music to our ears as we have always advocated for the importance of individual action alongside campaigning for corporate and governmental action.

We love the headline on their website: Less stuff, more joy! The Jump aims to encourage people in developed countries to make lifestyle changes for the sake of the climate. The idea is to take the jump by making six impactful, constructive and doable shifts to protect our earth and live with joy.

  • End Clutter – keep products for at least seven years
  • Dress Retro – Three new items of clothing per year
  • Travel Fresh – if you can, no personal vehicles
  • Eat Green – a plant based diet, no waste, healthy amount
  • Holiday local – one flight every three years
  • Change the System – at least one life shift to nudge the system

Try to take the shifts for 1, 3 or 6 months. Even if you can’t keep to it 100%, you can still take the jump and just do what you can.

Positive News magazine says that the amazing people power does not to absolve governments and corporations of their responsibilities: “Without greater ambition from the public and private sectors, the climate crisis will intensify. Last week’s IPCC report – the most alarming to date – underscored the need for bold climate leadership.”

When you sign up, there will be tips, encouragement and people you can speak to help along the way. Sign up to Take The Jump today!