Why Should We Try to Live Plastic Free?

Why should we try and live plastic free? What’s the problem with the stuff? Isn’t it essential to modern life? These are questions we are often asked.

Plastic was touted as “the stuff of alchemy” by philosopher Roland Barthes in the middle of the 20th century, but the material has gone on to contribute to some of the most significant problems of the 21st century. Derived from fossil fuels, the production cycle of plastic has major climate impacts, and the material’s long-lasting qualities mean that our planet – in particular our oceans – are groaning under the weight of discarded plastic waste. What first seemed like the key to a better way of life, now looks like the gateway to continued, ruinous consumption – a “throwaway culture”. And we are only just learning of the health implications of plastic’s omnipresence in our lives. All of these subjects are explored more on the Resources page on this site, with links to the internet’s wealth of information on the subject.

By trying to live, work and educate plastic free, and in particular minimising the single use plastic in our lives, we can all do our part to minimise these impacts on our environment. As individuals, our influence may be small, but as communities, we have a louder voice. And every little helps. As Anne-Marie Bonneau (otherwise known as the Zero-Waste Chef) says: