Low waste Christmas ideas from ‘Gloucestershire recycles’

The brilliant ‘Gloucestershire recyles’ section on the Glos County Council website is featuring a series of articles this month to help you avoid plastic, create less waste and save money this Christmas. In a series of short, useful posts, you can find inspiration for low waste Christmas events, gifts & wrapping, decorations, avoiding food plastic & packaging, and how to cook a plastic free Christmas dinner. Of course, most of these ideas can be applied to any special event at this time of year that involves getting together and celebrating!

Head over to Christmas at Gloucestershire recycles for lots of excellent ideas, practical tips, recipes and more. Or follow @gloucestershirecc on instagram.

The team at Gloucestershire recycles also brought us the WASTE WIZARD, a handy search function for finding out where to repair, recycle, donate or dispose of particular items.

If you haven’t yet explored the treasure trove of easy to follow waste reduction ideas on their website, it’s well worth brewing a cuppa right now and taking a few minutes to check it out. It’s so much more than just recyling! Thanks to Kelly and the team for including our own where to shop guide and other pages from our website.