Beyond Fast Fashion – how to dress plastic free

The fashion industry’s poor environmental credentials are well known now, but there are some fantastic exceptions, and also some ways that you can shop differently to minimise the plastic waste from your wardrobe. And before thinking of how to shop plastic free, we need to value what we have, and there are ways to ensure that your favourites stay favourites for longer.

“Buy less, choose it well, make it last”

Vivienne Westwood
Shop vintage

We’re very lucky that Gloucestershire is full of great vintage clothing shops – Stroud’s Time After Time (chosen as one of the Sunday Telegraph Magazine’s 50 Best British Vintage Boutiques), Strangeness and Charm, and Duffle Vintage, Nailsworth’s Papillon, and Cheltenham’s Revamp to name just a few – as well as a brilliant selection of well-stocked and innovative charity shops like Stroud’s Razzmatazz.

Hire don’t buy

Fantastic sustainable fashion brand Madia & Matilda (based in Stroud) not only manufacture their clothes from recycled and upcycled materials, you can now hire a wardrobe with their innovative monthly subscription scheme.

Check the label

Man-made fibres like nylon and polyester shed plastic microfibres every time you wash and wear them – if you can avoid them, choose natural fibres instead, organic wherever possible. The helpful graphic below comes from recycled bag designer Charlie Feist.

Look after your clothes, and keep them longer

As with everything, ultimately we need to value what we have, and treat it gently so that it lasts. The washing guidance from Friends of the Earth (scroll down on page) – including low temperatures, less often, and air dry whenever you can – will help your favourite pieces last longer.

How to dress plastic free – what are your plastic free fashion tips? And if you’re interested in more information about plastic free living, check out How to Take Action.

Feature image credit: Becca McHaffie, Unsplash