Small Steps to Less Waste

‘The main takeaway from this book? That all of these changes, rather than diminishing us, actually make our lives fuller, richer, better connected and more purposeful. Wave farewell to plastic…Continue readingSmall Steps to Less Waste

We Are The (plastic free) Champions

I’ve borrowed this title from a Surfers Against Sewage post that highlights way in which teams and venues around the UK are reducing single use plastic in sport. There’s a…Continue readingWe Are The (plastic free) Champions

How to Clean your Home Plastic-Free

For many households, the cleaning cupboard is one of the biggest sources of waste plastic, whether it comes from spray bottles, cloths or plastic-based wipes. But you can clean your…Continue readingHow to Clean your Home Plastic-Free

How to Parent Plastic-Free

Our blog on plastic free with a baby gives tips for how to tackle nappies, wipes and bottles, but as a parent of older children, you’ll probably find yourself fighting…Continue readingHow to Parent Plastic-Free

Beyond Fast Fashion – how to dress plastic free

The fashion industry’s poor environmental credentials are well known now, but there are some fantastic exceptions, and also some ways that you can shop differently to minimise the plastic waste…Continue readingBeyond Fast Fashion – how to dress plastic free

How to Shop at Your Local Zero Waste Shop

Buying loose goods is one of the best ways to make serious inroads into the single use plastic coming into your home, and it’s brilliant to see that zero waste/plastic…Continue readingHow to Shop at Your Local Zero Waste Shop

Plastic Free With a Baby

Parents-to-be are bombarded on all sides with marketing about the “stuff” they must have for their impending arrival, much of it plastic based. Even if you can resist that pressure,…Continue readingPlastic Free With a Baby

Why Should We Try to Live Plastic Free?

Why should we try and live plastic free? What’s the problem with the stuff? Isn’t it essential to modern life? These are questions we are often asked. Plastic was touted…Continue readingWhy Should We Try to Live Plastic Free?